Deep-Cut Studio and Lord Zsezse Works teamed up for some RPG map awesomeness

Deep-Cut Studio has another team-up going on. This time it’s with Lord Zsezse Works. The result is more maps for your gaming table.


From the announcement:

Today is a special day for us. We shook hands with Lord ZseZse Works and launched some really exciting RPG maps. Their newest Marble Sanctum map set as well as breath taking Harbour of Thieves map are available for preorder as printed and ready to use mats. Ultimate beauty and detail level awaits those who choose to enhance their RPG or miniature games tables with these fine releases. The maps are drawn with great usability in mind and have 1 inch size tiles and other floor elements to track the movement of your minis across the dungeons. And as always we use premium class materials to manufacture these mats. Have a look at them at our gallery