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DeeepWars starter sets and books shipping

AntiMatter Games has been packing up boxes and getting them set to ship out to you, the eager gamers of the world.

From the update:

AntiMatter games is doing our best to get DeepWars shipped out to Kickstarter backers and others that pledged support, as well as to Distributors. We are making progress on all of the sets now that two Dark Mariner figures have arrived to finish that starter set. Our goal is to have boxes sets and other miniatures, as well as rulebooks shipped out to everyone in the next few days so they arrive before the end of our ShadowSea Kickstarter on November 19. We regret the timing crossing over like this, as the plan was to ship out starter sets and rulebooks a bit before schedule, and many books have already been received as they are sent separately from the miniatures, but we are back to just meeting the schedule.

We hope that our previous backers from DeepWars will enjoy their products and can help our Kickstarter for ShadowSea, the companion game that takes the battle to the shores of the Underground sea, where crumbling temples, massive fungal forests and mysterious Stygian catacombs beckon buccaneers, demon summoners, tentacled monstrosities and sorcerers amazons to do battle. Land and undersea battles can be combined using both of the games but both can also stand alone.