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Deck of the Dead: Zombie Card Game up on Kickstarter

Deck of the Dead: Zombie Card Game up on Kickstarter

Deck of the Dead pits you versus the zombie hordes in a bid for survival. The player who best manages to barricade themselves and get the highest zombie body count is the winner. If you don’t survive, you become one of the zombies that attacks the other players. Use various weapons in your quest to rack up the biggest kill total.
The campaign is about 1/3 funded with 29 days left to go on the clock.

From the campaign:

The card game holds a dynamic premise backed by multiple layers of play. Up to 6 players can participate in each game, and Deck of the Dead offers 300 unique cards to ensure unique twists and turns at every avenue of the game. To start, each player draws a hand of 5 supply cards, which include defense items such as barricades and weapons. Each player sets up their tabletop fortress, with barriers in the front and two weapons behind the barricades. Each player holds instant supply cards and extra weapons cards in hand to be used when needed.

When an zombie event has been drawn, the player chooses a weapon, rolls the dice, and adds the numerical strength of their weapon with the dice. The goal, which is to exceed the numerical strength of the zombie card presented, must be met or a barricade or weapon is lost. If a player runs out of weapons and barricades and doesn’t carry a vaccine card, then he or she becomes infected.

As players become infected, they automatically lose all supplies and draw 5 zombies from their “graveyards”. Upon their turn, infected players must attack survivors. At the end of the game, the player with the most zombies in their graveyard is the winner.