December Twilight Releases now at Hasslefree

Hasslefree Miniatures have added four new Twilight miniatures to their online store. JentaWeb.jpg From their announcement:
It is my pleasure to announce that three new Twilight releases are now available from Hasslefree. The Empire and Devanu forces have been rather shortchanged recently so I've brought forward the release of models for both cultures. First up, the Devanu get a new, young addition in the form of a Devanu Jenta. This immature Devanu may be young, but is already a vicious killer! I've also modified the original Grishak to give an alternate pose. The legs can be swapped between the two versions to give four different models. I'm particularly excited to announce the release of the Empire Herders. These are the first figures in the Twilight range that I haven't sculpted, and I think Mark Craggs has done an excellent job of sculpting a pair of models that fit into the world of Twilight.