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December and January Courses for Fire For Effect Studios Posted

Fire For Effect Studios has posted up their December and January courses on their website. The December ones include such topics as Water Effects, Earth Texture, Wood and Grass Texture, Ice Texture, and Rock Texture. January is about modeling Faces, primarily, both male and female.
They've still got their special pricing going on for the rest of the year, so go get some knowledge in sculpting for cheaper than usual.


From the announcement:

Releases for December 2014
Bundle Sale on NOW!

-F4E Basic Bundle: $170.00 Learn the Basics of Miniature Sculpting. Includes 17 Courses!

-F4E Core Bundle: $300.00 The core Techniques for sculpting, converting, and modelling. Includes 30 Courses!

-F4E Hobbyist Bundle: $700.00 Skills for converting, basing, and modelling. Includes 72 Courses!

-F4E Fire For Effect Bundle: $3500.00 Become a professional Sculptor with this bundle. Includes All 82 Courses!

Miniature Sculpting Courses

The following courses are launching in December. Learn the Miniature Sculpting Techniques to bring your models to life with these great texture courses!

-Water Effects: Waves, still water, you will learn everything you need to know about sculpting water effects. Great for elementals, terrain, basing and more. $25.00

-Earth Texture: You dirt and earth will only look more authentic if you use actual dirt. Learn how to sculpt earth texture on models, bases and more. $20.00

-Wood and Grass Texture: Perfect for basing, this technique teaches you how to sculpt natural elements on your miniatures. $20.00

-Ice Texture: Bring a frozen chill to your miniatures when you learn how to create ice texture and effects. $25.00

-Rock Texture: Stone golems, basing and more will provide the perfect canvas for adding rock texture. Learn to sculpt the rock texture and bring new elements to your miniature designs. $20.00

Releases for January 2015

Ring in the New Year with these amazing miniature sculpting courses!

-Introduction to Hands: Want to convert the hands of your miniatures or sculpt your own, learn the basics for creating realistic looking hands. $40.00

-Introduction to Faces: Add your own faces to your miniature conversions or create a new face on your own miniature. Introduction to Faces teaches you the skills of creating basic faces. $30.00

-Intermediate Male Faces: Learn the nuances of sculpting a male face with the Intermediate course to sculpting male faces. $45.00

-Intermediate Female Faces: Learn the nuances of sculpting a female face with the Intermediate course to sculpting male faces. $45.00