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December 2010 purchasing and gaming poll results

It is a little late but our January 2011 purchasing and gaming poll is up and so it is time to look at the results of the December 2010 polls. This is the first set of poll data in which we have combined Warmachine and Hordes into a single category for each of the polls.

You can read a discussion of the November 2010 and October 2010 results if you are interested.

December 2010 Gaming results

The top three games have remained unchanged for the last three months. The new combined Warmachine/Hordes category has seen a slight increase in numbers but nothing substantial indicating that number of people playing only one of the games is probably fairly low. Warhammer Fantasy dropped from fourth to sixth place. Malifaux and "Other - Tabletop game" remained relatively stable indicating a slight drop in people playing Warhammer during December.

BattleTech is a new entry in the top ten. The game was in 13th position last month and the 11th to 15th places in the poll are only differentiated by three to five votes making this a potentially turbulent place in the standings.

Blood Bowl continues to do well. It has almost three times as many gamers reporting interest as Lord of the Rings and War of the Ring and beats them both combined.

Rapid Fire! narrowly squeaked past Black Powder to become the second most popular historical rule set after Flames of War.

  1. Warmachine / Hordes 28.26%

  2. Other - Boardgame 24.40%

  3. Warhammer 40K 22.22%

  4. Other - Tabletop game 14.25%

  5. Malifaux 13.77%

  6. Warhammer Fantasy Battles 11.59%

  7. Blood Bowl 8.45%

  8. Flames of War 7.97%

  9. Infinity 7.73%

  10. Battletech 4.83%

Dec 2010 Gaming results

December 2010 Purchasing results

Unlike the gaming results, the December 2010 purchasing results showed a significant change with the combination of the Warmachine and Hordes entries. The number of respondents in December was lower by a significant amount from November. Despite the numerical differences the relative positions of the games has not changed much.

Boardgames leapt over 40K into second place and Eden dropped off the chart to 22nd position. More people purchase Eden figures than play the game indicating that the figures might be reused for other post-apocalyptic games or purchased just for painting. Interestingly Spartan Games hold positions 10,11 and 12 on the list (Dystopian Wars, Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada respectively) with a combined total that would put the company into fourth place before Malifaux. Firestorm Armada made the top ten list in October but both FA and Uncharted Seas were not close to the top ten in November.

All three games are now showing a similar level of purchasing and playing results.

  1. Warmachine / Hordes 11.99%

  2. Other - Boardgame 11.56%

  3. Warhammer 40K 9.85%

  4. Malifaux 5.57%

  5. Warhammer Fantasy Battles 5.14%

  6. Other - Tabletop game 4.07%

  7. Flames of War 3.85%

  8. Blood Bowl 3.00%

  9. Infinity 3.00%

  10. Dystopian Wars 2.14%

December 2010 Purchasing results

Boardgames were quite close to overtaking Warmachine and Hordes in December and it will be interesting to see January's results to see if this is a continued theme or a result of holiday boardgame purchasing.

Both the purchasing and gaming poll show no results for the fantasy CMG Arcane Legions from Wells Expeditions. The purchasing number remains unchanged from November but there were players reporting games of Arcane Legions in November but not December.

Both War of the Ring and Lord of the Rings continue to show low gaming results and even lower purchasing results with War of the Rings having half the number of purchases than Lord of the Rings. To put this in perspective, Necromunda had more reported purchases in December than War of the Rings did.

All four ex-Specialist Game titles (Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Epic Armageddon and Mordheim) continue to show more popularity in terms of games and purchases than either of the "Ring" titles from GW. This despite no official support for the games. Games Workshop have received an extension to their licence for the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings ranges but other than the inevitable bubble of demand for the games and figures tied to the movies these ranges don't appear to have the same fan support and long life that any of the Specialist Games titles still do.