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Death of Legends RPG Available in PDF

Sometimes your gaming group wants to get together for something a little different. Maybe you're feeling a bit burned out from your current campaign and want to do something different. Perhaps you finished your old campaign but aren't sure exactly what you want to do next. That's where one-shot, pre-made adventures can really fit in. Death of Legends is just such an item. It's a new release by Imaginary Empire and it's free. So, bonus.

Players take up the mantle of a legendary hero and must work together to fight against the machinations of the Enemy (that's with a capitol E). The heroes can only be in so many places at once, so you'll have to pick and choose where you want to fight. As the end draws nigh, a weapon of immense power is found. But only one hero can have it at a time. It's up to the players to decide how they want to spread their forces and utilize their strengths in order to win.