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Deal With It Party Card Game On Kickstarter

From what I'm told, people enjoy drinking games. Being a teetotaler, myself (you can look it up), they're not so much for me. But knowing the gamers I know, yeah, they're big into tipping back a few cold ones. I'm looking at you, Ross and Eric! So for those of you out there that like such, we would like to let you know about Deal With It, a new drinking card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

The rules for Deal With It are pretty simple (which is a good thing, I'd assume, since once the drinks start getting downed, complex rules I'm sure would go out the window). Simply draw a card, read it, and do what it says. There are two types of cards, Black and White. Black cards are "one and done" sorts of things. They have either you or someone else drink a certain amount and are then discarded. White cards hang around. They stay on the table and impose "universal rules" that everyone must follow. There can only be 3 White cards on the table at a time, so if a 4th comes out, the player gets to pick one of the others to be discarded. Play continues until... well... you decide to stop.

The campaign is set to run for another 38 days.