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Deal Board Game Now Up On Kickstarter

Deal is a new board game by Borderline for 3-6 players. Each player is in charge of a drug traffic ring and is in competition with one-another to be the... most druggiest (??) one of them all. You do that by gaining respect. This can be done a number of different ways, not all of which are violent (as a trail of bullet-ridden bodies tends to not be something you generally want behind you). There's bluffing, deal-making, and compromise that you must master in order to rise to the top.

The game comes with:

1 Game Board
30 Dope Pieces (really just wooden cubes. Don't get all excited)
80 Bills
Tokens for 6 Clans (Includes 1 Boss, 3 Lieutenants, and 41 Soldiers for each)
6 Clan Cards
6 Target Cards
6 Profile Cards
50 Weapon Cards
50 Event Cards

The campaign is about 25% to their goal, but there's plenty of time left on the clock (30 days to be specific).

This kinda reminds me of the "Busted!" skit from The State. Yeah, how many of you remember MTV's The State?