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Deadlands: Hell on Earth Miniatures Kickstarter Closing in on First Bonus Goal

Deadlands is closing in on $15k when they'll have their first Bonus Goal.

From the campaign:

Studio 2 Publishing went live with a Kickstarter last week to release a set of metal miniatures to go with Hell On Earth, Pinnacle Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic roleplaying game set in the future of their award-winning Deadlands Weird West setting.

The new version of the game, Hell On Earth Reloaded, is set to release in hardback at the beginning of next year, and Studio 2 is funding a full line of minis all to release at the same time as the book.

The initial goal for 4 minis was met the first day and two more Stretch Goal minis have already unlocked. Right now, it’s closing in on both the third Stretch Goal mini and the first Bonus Goal which will unlock at the same time. The Bonus Goal is a 3-pack of Wormlings, twisted humanoids created by the great worms, and each backer at the Veteran of the Waster West pledge level or higher gets a set of them for free.

The concept art for the miniatures is designed by multiple Hugo award-winning artist, Cheyenne Wright, and the figures are being manufactured through Reaper Miniatures with Bob Ridolfi as the primary sculptor on the line though with occasional pieces by other Reaper sculptors like Julie Guthrie.