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Deadfall Added to Kill Doctor Lucky Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter campaign for Kill Doctor Lucky continues along. They've come a long way since the start and are more than 2x funded, getting close to 3x. They've got a lot in store, though, in terms of stretch goals. In order to help get there, they're offering a new game as an add-on. It doesn't have anything, directly, to do with Kill Doctor Lucky, but the name Deadfall does seem to fit in, thematically.

Deadfall is actually part of the Pairs game family. It is scheduled for release in May. You can get yourself a copy for just $10 as an add-on to the current campaign. It's a gambling/bluffing game. You ante in a coin at the start and get a hand of six cards. You start out by playing a card from your hand, with the lowest card being the player who will go first in the actual game. When it's your turn, you can play a card or call your opponent. When playing a card, you don't want to play the last card of that particular rank. I.E. - Someone else has a card of that rank in their hand. If you get called and nobody else has that card, then the person that called gains the pot. If someone did still have one of those cards, than you get the pot.

There's still 17 days to get in on the action if you want.