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Deadcert Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Do you like crime dramas? Do you like mysteries? Do you like to see justice be served? Do you like intricate puzzles? Do you like to use your guesswork and guile to see you win? Then chances are you'll like Deadcert, a new card game from Certgames. In it, players are detectives looking to solve crimes in London. There's a total of 512 possible crimes that have been committed, so there's plenty of replayability built in. No worry about having Colonel Mustard in the Atrium with the Lead Pipe yet again.

Playing multiple rounds of Deadcert, players can actually learn the habits and motivations of the various suspects that keep popping up (the usual suspects, one might say). However, a hunch from an intuitive rookie might still prove to be the one that brings the case to a close. But getting the right culprit is only the beginning. You must also collect evidence and provide motive in order to secure a conviction. Just dragging a guy in and saying, "He did it!" isn't enough.

The campaign is just getting underway and still has 25 days to go.