Dead Walk Again version 3 posted

The third Edition of the free Dead Walk Again zombie rules have been posted to their Yahoo Group.

From their website:

As you probably noticed I uploaded two new files in the files section of the group.

It’s not Christmas yet, but almost. BTW Halloween is not so far and it’s the zombies day 😉

The first file is the brand new edition of the DwA Rules (version 3.00). You will not only see minor changes to the core rules and advanced rules but also a brand new card system. This card system is an alternative option to the classical search tables and zombies spawn table. The cards are included in the rules so you can print them if you wish. The game should be faster using cards and easier for large gaming sessions.

The second file is the first supplement for DwA : Left 4 Dead.

As zombies fans I guess you all know this fantastic videogame and I wanted to recreate the atmosphere of this videogame in a tabletop wargame such as DwA. New rules, new zombies including uncommon and Boss zombies, new templates, new weapons, new items, new character sheets, game counters, and of course a lot of new cards compatible with the basic DwA rules.