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Dead Sprint Zombie Board Game Up On Kickstarter

While just about any time is a good time for zombies, this week is a particularly good one for them. Now, besides a bullet to the brain, the best way to get away from a zombie is to just run. Rule #1: cardio, and all that. Well, in Dead Sprint, you're looking to get away from a horde of zombies. It's pretty simple premise: get away or get eaten. The game's up on Kickstarter now.

About the game:

Dead Sprint is a modular (tile based) board game that tasks 2-5 players with outrunning a horde of undead throughout the game while also avoiding/combating the undead in front of them. Players will utilize special items to help them along the way, first aid kits to survive attacks, weapons to improve their attacks and playing cards they can draw that changes up the strategy for every player.

The game features special types of undead that will force the players to decide how to deal with them based on their inventory. The horde will consume any undead left behind to catch up to the players. The first person to find the exit or the last person to not die is the winner.

We are a new studio following our passion, making the games we would want to play! The studio founder (Robert Elliott) has years of experience in the video game industry as a game designer, with several games released on the mobile app stores.

The idea of our newest board game, Dead Sprint, came about because as a game designer with a family, including 2 children, I wanted to create a board game that we could all play that didn't require a large chunk of time. One of the main goals with the board game is to make sure it doesn't require a huge amount of time for a session without sacrificing fun and depth for all those gamers (parents, students etc.) who simply don't have the time for long board games.

Dead Sprint is for 2 to 5 players, ages 13 and older, the average play session depending on how many players there are ranges from 20-45 minutes. The game comes with 3 dice, 5 player pieces, 36 tile cards, 71 zombie pieces, 54 playing cards, 40 health tokens, 50 weapon tokens, 85 clear plastic stands, and 1 rule book.