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Dead Man's Hand feature and exclusive cards in Wargames Illustrated 315

Great Escape Games will have a new gang and scenes in the upcoming issue of Wargames Illustrated.


From the post:

The upcoming issue 315 of Wargames Illustrated features a brand new gang, three new scenes and a new set of gang specific cards which are exclusive to Wargames Illustrated and come free with the magazine.

The new gang sees a Stranger coming to town and gathering up the local citizens, arming them and getting them ready to fight. Once in a while things’ll get so bad around town that the folks have just had enough. Sometimes the law helps, other times the folks in town are brought together by something else entirely. The Stranger came into town and shook everything up. Short on words, he let his pistols do the talking, and when they spoke they sang a song of death. Nobody knew his name, when he came or when he left; they just knew that the streets were safer and the cemetery held a few more corpses.

Great Escape Games will be stocking this issue of WI and have a couple of bundle deals in the webstore.

And if you haven't played Dead Man's Hand yet, then it's time to quit talkin' and get shootin'!

This item will be shipped upon release in the third week of December and will be due in time for Christmas in the UK. Pre-order now in the webstore.