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Dead Earth Games Launches Warbears and Stagriders Kickstarter

Bear cavalry. You know you want them as part of your fantasy army. Hell, I wouldn't mind a bear to ride around on (Look! I'm on a furry tractor!) from time to time. And The Oatmeal certainly knows of the benefits of riding bears to work. And if you don't want to ride a bear to work, you could ride a stag, I suppose... I'd be over riding my bear to work.
Anyway, Dead Earth Games has launched their Warbears and Stagriders Kickstarter campaign.

They've made the first of each of the bear cavalry and stagriders figures. You can add-on other Shattered Crown minis as part of the Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is already 4/7 to their goal with still 26 days left to go.