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Dead Earth Games Announce The Shattered Crown

Dead Earth Games has announced their second gaming project, The Shattered Crown. They hope for it to be up on Kickstarter in June. They are currently in playtesting and actively seeing more people interested in giving their new system a whirl. The game system looks to straddle the fantasy/historical line. They are looking to give the game a "historical wargame" feel, but not hold to the constraints of, you know, only using historical figures in it. So you can feel free to create your own kingdoms with their own lords and knights and vassals and so forth. And there'll be magic, too. Because magic's cool. (I realize that can sound like a snarky statement, but it's not meant to be) Anyway, you can join their group and download the playtest rules now.

From the announcement:

Dead Earth Games are pleased to announce our second game, The Shattered Crown, which will be coming to Kickstarter this June. The game is currently being playtested and anyone can help to shape this innovatively tactical fantasy game by joining the test group on Facebook and downloading the rules!

Inspired equally by the historical conflicts and political intrigues of Britain in the 13th-16th centuries and the magic, mystery and adventure of Arthurian legend, The Shattered Crown combines the feel of fielding historical armies with none of the restrictions. Want to create your own Lord, Coat of Arms and Liveries? Go ahead! Want to add a little cinematic heroism with characters of legendary skill and bravery? Get stuck in! Want to outsmart your opponent, leading him to think you're attacking on one flank when actually you're about to unleash a lightning storm against his cavalry? The Shattered Crown's unique activation system, utilising cards and bluffing, plus the extensive spell book, will allow you to do this and much more. Best of all, there's no need to spend hundreds of pounds and hours putting together an epic force that needs a table fit for Arthur to play across, as The Shattered Crown allows you to field any size force from only a few units upwards - with a rich backstory of unfolding civil war to embed it in.

Like our flagship game, Across the Dead Earth, The Shattered Crown also focuses on campaign play, allowing the advancement and complete personalisation not just of your leaders and heroes, but of every unit in your army!

The Kickstarter campaign will focus on funding the first two factions for the game: Khra and Hellesburne. All artwork for the game is being created by Filip Dudek and the sculpts are being handled by Russ Charles and his team, the force behind the great Guild Ball sculpts.

There’s tonnes more info and pictures over on the Facebook group.