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D&D gaming mats back in print from Gale Force 9

Gale Force 9 has some of their Dungeons & Dragons gaming mats now available in their webshop. They've been out of print, but not for now.



From the release:

We just updated our DnD store to include some DnD mats that were previously out of print. These DnD vinyl mats really bring the world of DnD to life. Gale Force Nine’s Game Mats are high-quality single-sided vinyl surfaces that are ideal battle grids for staging encounters. The mats lie flat for ease of play and are sold in a sturdy polycarbonate tube for easy storage and transport. The mats may be marked with WET-ERASE markers to temporarily alter terrain areas or make other notes about battlefield conditions during play. The Game Mats measure 20” x 30” and are marked with a 1” grid.

Checkout our store to see all game mats we have to offer!