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DC HeroClix Manhunter Grandmaster preview

WizKids have posted a preview of the Manhunter Grandmaster figure that will be part of the next DC HeroClix expansion. From their website:
Today’s preview is a nefarious villain and frequent foe to both Superman and the Green Lantern Corps. We are pleased to present none other than the Manhunter Grandmaster. The Manhunter Grandmaster flies onto the battlefield with Hypersonic Speed, striking at his foes with close or ranged combat attacks, while his Indomitable ability grants him Willpower so he can act two turns in a row without fear of incurring pushing damage. And with Ranged Combat Expert on his early-dial, the Manhunter Grandmaster can move into position making a first strike against his enemies, and then on the next turn finish them off with a well-placed Ranged Combat Expert shot.