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DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League Arrives in North American Stores

WizKids has announced that all you lucky gamers in North America can now pick up your copies of Dice Masters: Justice League at your local retailers. Yay! Using the system designed by Eric Lang, Dice Masters: Justice League puts you in control of some of the greatest heroes and villains from the DC Universe in your bid to out-roll your opponent. So grab your starter sets and booster packs, assemble your team, and get some dice-rollin' a-goin'!

From the announcement:


WizKids is pleased to announce the release of DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League, the dice-building game featuring iconic DC characters, available now in stores across North America. At a suggested retail price of $14.99 USD, the DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League Starter Pack includes 44 custom dice, 38 cards, two dice bags and a rulebook – everything you need to get started with head-to-head dice battling in the DC universe.

To expand your collection, WizKids also offers DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League foil packs, which contain two cards and two dice with additional heroes and villains. Available for $0.99 MSRP each, these make a great purchase for new and established Dice Masters players alike! The foil packs can be found in gravity feed retail displays, and there are over 30 fan favorites from a variety of Justice League heroes and villains to collect, including Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Zatanna, Deathstroke, The Joker, Darkseid and more!

With gameplay that supports two players in epic dice battles, DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League will let you build your own version of the Justice League – or the Legion of Doom!