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DC Comics Deck-building Game Crossover Pack 4: Watchmen Now Available

Who watches the Watchmen?
Ever since the comic came out in 1986, The Watchmen has been one of the most popular comic books ever. A stunning graphic novel, it's full of twists and turns, and a look at what a world full of super-heroes might actually be like. Well, now you can add that sense of noir to your games of the DC Deck-Building Game, as Cryptozoic has released Crossover Pack 4.

This new pack brings in 31 new cards, plus 6 new oversized Hero cards. But more than just some new heroes, there's a new mechanic to employ: Hidden Roles. Those that have read the comic (or seen the movie), know that not everyone is being forthcoming about what they think is the right way to handle things. Now that same bit of bluffing will take place in your games, with one player being a secret Villain, trying to advance their own plot while trying to remain hidden.