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DayTrippers Sci-Fi RPG Now Available

She's a daaaaaaaaaaay tripper. One-way ticket yeah. I waited soooooo long to find out, and I found out.
Yeah, you don't know that song. Ask your grandparents about that one.
As opposed to songs from the previous century, this DayTrippers is a new sci-fi RPG from As If Productions. The game is playable in both a collaborative "GM-Lite" version, where all you need is the Core Rulebook, or a more "standard" style with a GM, in which case you'll want the GM Guide as well.

The game designers looked to sci-fi writers such as Moebius, Moorcock, Rucker, Weinbaum, Heinlein, and Vance for their style of "surreal sci-fi" (as they put it). The game system, itself, uses only D6s (there are conversion charts for if you want to adapt D20, percentage-based, or other systems to theirs). Character creation is done via point-buy (so all characters start out on an even footing). Actions in the game are skill based. The system is designed to be very easy to create a story out of what goes on in the game, with wide results for dramatic effect taken into account.