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Days of Wonder Announces Ticket To Ride: New York

For many years, players have enjoyed Ticket to Ride. However, some feel that the game can take a bit too long. Collecting all those like-colored cards can take a while. Well, in a city like New York, there's no time to sit around and be idle. You gotta go, go, go! So it makes sense that Ticket to Ride: New York, would streamline the game, making routes shorter, and thus shortening the overall game.

From the post:

Ticket to Ride: New York is an elegantly simple version of Ticket to Ride where players race around 1960s New York City, this time in taxis, to visit landmarks and complete destination tickets. With its quick and compact format, Ticket to Ride: New York is fast-paced, easy to learn in three minutes, and extremely portable—perfect for new players and veterans alike.