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Days of Wonder Announces Ticket to Ride: Germany

All aboard! The train's going to be leaving the station soon. Anyone wanting to go to Munich better get on board now. Days of Wonder has announced that a new Ticket to Ride game is going to be coming out. As you can tell from the pretzels, beer, and bratwurst, this time we're headed to Germany.

From the announcement:

Find out Ticket to Ride: Germany, a new stand-alone board game in our well-known Ticket to Ride series.

As in the other Ticket to Ride board games, players will build their own rail network, this time across a new beautifully illustrated board of Germany at end of the 19th century, to connect cities listed on their Destination Tickets. But that’s not all. Competitors need to watch out their opponents who might be trying to reach the same far-flung corners of the German empire and outwit them by collecting valuable Passenger Meeples from the cities faster than they can.

Using the route network previously seen in the Märklin Edition, Ticket to Ride: Germany introduces a new and exclusive passengers rule. Additionally, the game includes short and long Destination Tickets to choose from, making Ticket to Ride: Germany a simple and elegant variant to the original game, with new challenges which will please newcomers and veterans alike.