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Days of Wonder Announces Ticket To Ride: First Journey

Those of you gamers out there with young kids might wonder what sort of game is best to get them into the hobby, as well as when you might start doing so. There's more and more good kid-friendly board games out there. Soon, there'll be another, based on one of the most popular game series around. Days of Wonder has announced Ticket to Ride: First Journey.


From the announcement:

Ticket to Ride – First Journey is a family-friendly introduction to Alan R. Moon’s best-selling train adventure series. The game features a board of Europe, with shorter routes and new whimsical illustrations in every cities. With this simpler version of Ticket to Ride, younger players and beginners alike can take their first steps in the train game series.

Although rules are simplified and game objectives made easier, the game remains faithful to what has made Ticket to Ride a success: players race to complete their tickets by capturing routes on the board. The imaginative art on the board and on the ticket cards makes it easy to find cities for even the youngest players, who will be delighted to build their own networks with the big plastic train pieces included in the game.

Expect to see the game on shelves in March/April.