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Days of Wonder announces Small World Underground

Days of Wonder have announced a stand-alone sequel to the Small World boardgame called Small World Underground. Small World Underground From their announcement:
Days of Wonder, a leading publisher of top-quality, family-oriented board games, announced Small World Underground, a stand-alone game set beneath the surface of the fun, light-hearted Small World universe of epic conquests and fallen empires. Designed by Philippe Keyaerts, creator of the original game, Small World Underground is a follow-up to the award-winning Small World, a fantasy civilization game where players vie for conquest and control of a world that is simply too small to accommodate them all. Recipient of many accolades, the original Small World sold more than 100,000 copies to date and is available in 10 languages. Small World Underground follows the rise and fall of new whimsical Races and Powers that lie beneath the surface of the original Small World. It also introduces Monster occupied regions that protect Relics and Places of great power. It can be played on its own or combined with other Small World game elements and is recommended for players who are already familiar with Small World.
"Small World Underground contains all the ingredients that made the original Small World so successful, while introducing a whole new cast of fanciful characters and unique new map features that will thrill even the most jaded Small World players," explains Eric Hautemont, CEO of Days of Wonder. "Legendary places and buried relics of great power combine to make venturing beneath Small World’s surface more tactical than ever, while the new local denizens fight in a hilarious bid to convince you to put their slightly-twisted, 'tongue-in-cheek' special powers to good use." Small World Underground design emphasizes the playful fantasy theme with rich, detailed illustrations and components that beg to be played. The game includes: two new double-sided game boards (one for each player configuration), 15 new Fantasy Races with matching banners & tokens, 21 new Special Power badges, 9 Popular Places & 6 Righteous Relics, 9 Black Mountains & 1 Volcano, a variety of Armors, Hammers and Vengeance Markers, a Bag-o'-Many-Things, 106 Victory Coins and many other special items plus a Rules Booklet. Small World Underground is for 2-5 players ages 8 and older. It will be available for sale in June in Europe and in July in North America at a retail price of $50 or €45.