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Days of Wonder announces Shadows Over Camelot spin-off card game

Days of Wonder announces a spin-off card game based on their Shadows Over Camelot board game.

From the announcement:

Announcing Shadows over Camelot – The Card Game. Based on the award-winning cooperative board game released in 2005, the Card Game follows in the footsteps of the original, as players work together to defend Camelot against rumors swirling about the kingdom.
Shadows over Camelot – The Card Game includes a deck of 62 Rumor cards; 9 Knight cards; 9 Loyalty cards; 10 Quest Tokens and 16 double-sided (black and white) swords. It is a stand-alone game that takes approximately 20 minutes and can be played with 2-7 players, as well as a solo game. It is expected to be available in Europe in mid-October at the Essen Spiel and in North America in late October at a retail price of $25/€23.