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Days of Wonder announces Memoir '44 Campaign Book Vol. 2

Days of Wonder releases their Campaign book for Memoir '44.

From their announcment:

Hi there,

Today Days of Wonder is announcing the release of Memoir '44 Campaign Book
Volume 2, a long-awaited expansion featuring 46 new scenarios in eleven
unique campaigns.

This book is a treat for Memoir '44 fans that proposes five new theaters
of operation, highlighting the great variety of scenarios that keeps
Memoir '44 players so engaged year after year.

Originally developed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the D-Day
landings in Normandy, Memoir '44 has grown into a cultural phenomenon with
over 100,000 copies sold and thousands of fan-made scenarios. From
strategy board game to history-teaching tool, it has become a reference in
its genre. In June 2011, it also became available in digital form as
Memoir '44 Online.

Memoir '44 Campaign Book 2 will be available just in time for the

Enclosed you will find the official press release and an image of the book

For more details check out the product page on our website at
Days of Wonder or contact me
directly with any questions.