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Dawn: Rise of the Occulites coming to Kickstarter in 2013

Eagle Games is putting out the word that they're going to have Dawn: Rise of the Occulites, a new board game, coming to Kickstarter in 2013.

From the announcement:

After many years of hard work crafting and developing the Rise of the Occulites setting, the first game in the Rise of the Occulites Saga, "Dawn - Rise of the Occulites" will launch with Eagle Games on Kickstarter in January 2013.

The game sees you in control of a Tribe of Occulites, fighting for survival throughout a series of scenarios that can be played as one offs or as a full blown campaign.

Play simple pickup games with the introductory rules, or watch your Tribe advance and evolve over the course of a Sungem Season, whilst gaining Learned Abilities through your actions on the board.
Dawn - Rise of the Occulites uses a mechanic called the "Natural Selection Deck" that determines how you move, fight and resolve situations within the game. The way you manage this deck will reflect how well your Tribe does in any given scenario.