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Dawn: Rise of the Occulite demos at Vul-Con Phoenix 2012 and Competition Time

Vul-Con Phoenix 2012 announces Dawn: Rise of the Occulites Demos and Competition:

From their post:

G’day guys,

While lots of things simmer away here at Darwin Games, we have two bits of very cool news to share with you today.


Dawn: Rise of the Occulites will be represented at Vul-Con Phoenix on the 25th and 26th February in the form of demo games run by some of Darwin Games’ US friends and playtesters. This will be your first opportunity to see the game demo-ed at a US convention and we hope that those of you who are close by will pop down to say g’day and have a game! I sadly won’t be able to attend (stuck in Australia teaching) but Kelly and Russ are both enthusiastic and have been instrumental in the external playtesting of Dawn, so drop in and say g’day!

For more information on locations and times that the demos will be run, check out

At the moment it will be run on both days on table M25. So stop by, check out some of the miniatures and see how the game plays!

If you do get the chance to drop in, we’d love to post any comments, feedback or questions you may have here or on the Darwin Games forums or below this post.


The second big bit of news is that we are running our first competition!

To enter, you need to create a complete mini-diorama on a base around 40mm – 60mm that has a Luftle on it. You may include other Darwin Games figures if you wish, but you only need to include one Luftle. You then need to take a photo of the diorama and post it online on the Darwin Games Facebook page, on our Darwin Games Forums or link it to the comments section on our blog - by March 26th. That gives you a month to get it finished.

Please include your name and a title for the diorama to help with the polling to determine a winner.

This competition is open to any and all that have a Luftle model to paint, but if you are in Phoenix and check out the demo of Dawn: Rise of the Occulites, you will receive a free Luftle miniature (while the stock lasts) that you can use for the competition. We do ask that your diorama is completed and painted by you and not done by a painting service. This is an honour system of course.

Once all the entries are in (and the March 26th deadline hits), I will collate and post all the entries on the Rise of the Occulites blog, along with a poll to determine the winner.

The prize is one free Occulite (or Luftle) tribe of your choice, shipped to your door free of charge. If we receive more than 40 entries, the prize will double to two free Occulite (or Luftle) tribes of your choice, shipped to your door free of charge. So spread the word and tell your friends!

If you have an questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.

All the best and good luck!