Dave’s Games releases World Wars Ruins #1 paper model kit

Dave’s Games have released the first in a set of World War I and II paper terrain kits.

World Wars Ruins #1

From their announcement:

I’ve started a new series of paper model ruins perfectly suited for World War gaming. They’ll also work great for fantasy, medieval, Napoleonic, American Civil War, Spanish Civil War, modern warfare, zombie apocalypse, dark future game settings and more.

These ruins include multi-layered PDFs, so you can customize the look of your model before you print it. You can print it lots of times, each with a unique appearance. It’s many models in one.

For your printing convenience, you’ll also find 2 full sets of single-layered PDFs. You can get these files printed anywhere, without messing about with multiple layer options.

All of my paper models are designed for 28mm/30mm scale, but they can also be printed at other popular gaming scales (25mm, 15mm, etc.) just by changing the size of the print. The instructions sheet included with this model will tell you how.

All you need to create this ruin are 3 sheets of heavy paper to print on (110# or 199gsm recommended), scissors, a sharp hobby knife and ordinary paper glue. Assembly is fast and easy. In no time at all, for just the price of some paper and ink you can create a whole cityscape of ruins with this one product.