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Dave Graffam Models announce pre-cut prints

Greenman Miniatures have made available models on eBay, licensed by Dave Graffam, in Pre-Cut Print format.

From their announcement:

The Pre-Cut Prints are professionally digitally printed on quality 110 lbs. card stock. Each piece is cut to exacting standards and is hand proofed before packaging to ensure quality.

Comprehensive and concise instructions are included with each model,which allows even those unfamiliar with card stock modelling to easily assemble the model. All you need is low moisture glue (glue stick) and you are ready to build!

Pre-Cuts Prints will enable any game master or war gamer to fill a table with scenery quickly, easily and most importantly affordably. Simply follow the comprehensive and concise instructions which are included with each model and you can quickly put together an impressive set of models, in very little time.

Dave Graffam's amazing textures allow life to be brought to any table, without the needed for countless hours of assembly and painting involved with plastic models. With a few helping hands you could easily have a full vibrant village ready to be populated with your game models within a few hours.

Be sure to check out more of Dave Graffam's models available in PDF format on his website.