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Dave Graffam announces Hired Swords Card Game

Dave Graffam Models have posted details of an upcoming print-and-play fantasy game - Hired Swords.

From their announcement:
Hired Swords is a print-and-play card game inspired by choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks. In this game, you manage a crew of mercenaries and navigate the dangerous desert realm of Sohria. Your goal is to hire skilled freelancers and take a variety of contracts, battling deadly and exotic enemies to build up your reputation and wealth. Along the way, you'll select certain mercenaries to add to your stable, and when you have four mercenaries in your permanent crew you can attempt a final contract, the one that will make you a fortune and allow you to retire, or send your career crashing to a disappointing end. Whatever the outcome, you can always start over again. The random nature of the cards and encounters in the Career Deck make every career unique, and give you fresh opportunities to explore this treacherous land.

Hired Swords is currently in playtesting, and is designed to be a solo game. I'm also testing out rules for a two-player head-to-head variant in which you and your opponent compete to be the first to run your final contracts.
I hope to release Hired Swords later this summer.