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Darwin's Choice Card Game Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Nature is full of strange and wondrous creatures. I mean, if you'd never seen many of these creatures before, you'd have a hard time accepting that they were real. I mean, the giraffe, the blue whale, the platypus? All pretty crazy stuff. But all are the way they are because of evolution. Well, soon, you'll be able to put your hand to the forces of creation and make your own creatures in Darwin's Choice, a new card game coming to Kickstarter soon.

About the game:

After millions of years of wasteland on earth, animal life finally develops. But the world is still under construction and constant change. Only those who can adapt to the ever-changing conditions and situations will survive and leave their mark on history. This is your chance! Create new impressive creatures and lead them successfully through time. But be careful, the conditions are far from stable. Various events and changes of vegetation can turn the game upside down at any time. Additionally, your opponents will try to position their species ideally to bring your creatures to the edge of extinction. It is up to you to prevent this with clever moves, because only the fittest will survive. Give your best and become Darwin’s Choice.