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Darwin Games Releases Print-and-Play Version of Eye for an Eye

We all know that I'm a fan of when a company puts the rules for their games up online so you can check them out. Darwin Games has taken that and gone a step further with Eye for an Eye. They've posted a whole print-and-play version on their website. Eye for an Eye is a real-time skirmish game that, in the print and play version, pits Chief Grublin versus Chief Riparian.
... and I'm just amazed that "Riparian" is apparently a word that my spellcheck thinks is just fine.

From the announcement:

'Eye for an Eye' is a miniature skirmish game that is played in real time. It represents the intenseness and lightning fast decision making that actual combat would require.

We have just released a Print and Play of the game containing two characters - Chief Grublic and Chief Riparian for players to check out. The files required are on the Darwin Games blog and we'd love you to give them a go. If anyone has any questions about the game, please feel free to shoot me a message or post here.

It is set in the Occulites universe, so those that want something besides dwarfs, elves and orcs should be happy and is played in real time.

There are no turns, it is always everyone's turn. The game is played over three five minute rounds set to a timer. Players roll dice and allocate them to their player boards and ability cards to resolve movement, defense, attacks and abilities... all in realtime. It is fast, intense and (we think), a lot of fun! Its not really like anything else right now and we are super excited about it.