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Darwin Games releases Hydris and Flories Tribes

Darwin Games has released their Hydris and Flories Tribes.

From their website:

Darwin Games' Rise of the Occulites line of 32mm scale miniatures (sculpted by Bob Olley) expands with both the Hydris and Floris tribes being available to purchase now.

The Floris Tribe is big, bulky and brutish, despite their flowery appearance. The Hydris are sleek, adaptable and fast.

Darwin Games have four of the first six tribes available for purchase now - the Palaudis, the Hydris, the Floris and of course the Luftles.

These miniatures are sculpted by the brilliant Bob Olley and are for Darwin Games upcoming skirmish game Dawn, but can be used to spice up any generic fantasy or sci-fi skirmish game.

The next two tribes Nimbus and Ignis will be available in late October and November respectively.

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