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Darwin Games preview the Nimbus Tribe

Darwin Games have posted the greens for the Nimbus Tribe for their Rise of the Occulites fantasy game. Nimbus Tribe From their announcement:
The Nimbus tribes are perched high in the mountains, raining down from above to conduct raids and gather food. These vegetarians are covered in a thick layer of feathers to combat the crisp chill of the air. Their feet are claws, fashioned in a way to help them hold onto rocky outcrops and tree branches. A leathery membrane stretches from their bodies to the hands, allowing them to fly for short distances. Their sharp teeth and fangs are not for eating meat, but for quickly slicing off parts of plants. For you see, in the Occulite world, some of the plants fight back. The fangs pierce and lock down the vegetation in place, while the sharp teeth slice down, cleanly and efficiently taking off chunks of plant matter before making their escape.
Despite their appearance, they are a mostly peaceful sub-species as not many other tribes would dare to try and take mountainous land from them. It would be too dangerous. The Nimbus tribes only take what they need, but when the temperature drops and food becomes scarce, they are forced to move further away from their mountains, into other tribes’ land… Their colouration varies greatly from that of a barn owl to a kingfisher or rainbow lorikeet, depending on the location they were born into. Without further ado, Darwin Games proudly introduce the new Nimbus greens from master sculptor Bob Olley. These are due for release late October/ early November. The miniatures skirmish game Dawn - Rise of the Occulites is slated for a late 2011 release.