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Darwin Games posts guide to Sunmaster Pledge level for Rise of the Occulites Kickstarter

Darwin Games has a guide up showing what all you get in the Sunmaster pledge level for their Rise of the Occulites Kickstarer, as well as opening up some more Early Bird levels for it.

From the update:

This update is a really brief one, but an exciting one. Our Kickstarter has opened up another bunch of Early Bird Sunmaster Pledges that will save you a few dollars, but we have also uploaded an image of all the things that you will get by pledging at the Sunmaster level. Somethings are listed as text due to running out of room or the graphics for those components not being completed yet.

So sit down and then check this out! Once you’ve picked up your jaw off the floor, you can go and pledge to help us bring Dawn to the world!