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Darwin Games officially opens

Darwin Games is now officially open and selling figures for the Rise of the Occulites game. From their announcement:
The Darwin Games website is open for business. The creators of the Rise of the Occulites setting, Darwin Games have finally opened their digital doors for business. Darwin Games will be releasing its first miniatures game ‘Dawn – Rise of the Occulites’ later in the year, which will be supported by no less than 30 unique figures by the end of the year. So far, 10 of these have been released, with another 10 due to enter the store over the next few weeks. There will be more sculpts later on closer to the release of Dawn, which is currently in external playtesting.
We have really pushed hard to ensure that our first releases are super high quality and take pride in our ideas and the Rise of the Occulites setting as both unique and charming. The Rise of the Occulites setting has been a long time coming and we are very excited to bring this to the gaming community. To help us make the setting the best it can possibly be, we were able to secure one of the true legends of sculpting – Bob Olley – to not only do one or two figures... but the entire line. We are all very grateful that Bob has been able to lend his skills to this project. We think that he has brought real character to the sculpts and are absolutely thrilled with his work. We hope that you enjoy entering the world of the Occulites as we have had creating it. We would love you to stop by to check out website. You can keep up with the latest Rise of the Occulites news on the blog. Or jump on our forum to discuss the setting, the game, the sculpts or share you painted photos with us. Cheers, Ben