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Daruma Productions Bringing Back SLA Industries RPG

There's been a lot of RPG games that've come and gone over the years. Not every game stays in print forever. And you can end up with some that many people love, but aren't available anymore. Well, such was the case with SLA Industries. But it won't be the case any longer. Daruma Productions is bringing it back.

From the website:

Set in a dark futuristic urban environment, SLA gives you unlimited possibilities to explore in a world where one company controls everything, the masses worship television shows that feature serial killers versus company sponsored agents, and you are thrust in the middle of it all.

You can choose to ally yourself with SLA or with one of the many underground competitors. But that's not all. If combat is not your thing, SLA Industries gives you many other avenues to explore this dark world where SLA tells you only what you need to know and hides its secrets jealously. How much can you find out? How much are you willing to pay?