Darkson Designs three month release schedule

Darkson Designs have posted a three month release schedule for AE-WWII and AE Bounty.

From their announcement:

The current release schedule for the next few months is as follows:

November 2010

  • ALE026 Commando
  • ALE027 Heavy Hitter
  • ALE028 Silence
  • AME024 Wendigo

December 2010

  • ALE030 Edash
  • ALE015 Cerebrae
  • ALE016 Hired Gun
  • GER024 Hell Hound
  • AME025 Hoodoo Conjuror

January 2011

  • ALE013 Chort
  • ALE014 Cannoneer
  • ALE017 Scab
  • GER023 Hell-Host
  • GER027 SS Kreighexen

Everything listed above should hit store shelves as expected. If you have any questions, please be sure to visit our forums or follow the contact link at the top of the Darkson Designs main site.