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Darkson Designs announces new games and settings

Darkson Designs have announced several new products as well as a new fantasy setting using their AE core rules. From their announcement:
Darkson Designs is proud to announce their foray into a new field, Rocket Kids Family Games as well as mini-games for their flagship products, AE-Bounty and AE-WWII. Both the Rocket Kids Family Games and AE mini games will be made available as living documents on the Darkson Designs forums where fans can comment, critique, and try our games for free. Other exciting material includes AE- Bounty expansions such as “The Millennial Census” that allows players to build new official races to be used in the Bounty universe. The Bounty 2011 summer campaign packet and the AE-Bounty Gladiator League! Furthermore, Darkson Designs is expanding their alternate events range to include AE- Crimson Kingdom. Delve into the new fantasy world using the AE rule set. AE- Crimson Kingdom is a tabletop miniatures game set in the area of the Crimson Citadel, a world gone dark after the death of the Master, where the use of blood and death fuels the enemy’s black rites.
In addition, a new forum category has been added on the official Darkson forums to discuss these new and exciting additions to the Darkson library of games. Darkson Designs invites everyone to stop by their website and download the details on the detailed descriptions on their up-coming games and products as well as visiting our new “Skunkwerks” part of the forum. As a reminder, all of these products will be introduced as “living documents” where players can mold and shape the direction of these products. Visit to download the specific details to this and more! A few samples of what you can find in the downloadable document are listed below: Rocket Kids Family Games AE - Space Chase Space Chase is a game for 2 to 6 children where the goal is to catch two mischievous aliens before they escape! Each player pretends to be an astronaut during the game and players can help each other if they get stuck. The aliens will teach children about the amazing stars and planets in our galaxy as they leads the astronauts on a chase through the Milky Way. AE-Bounty AE – Bounty Supplement: The Millennial Census A free expansion for AE-Bounty, the Census will contain all the rules necessary for players to make new alien races in Bounty that can be used in official events. The Census Expansion was a request from a future sponsor of Darkson Designs, so that a certain species of blue skinned creature that is ‘three fruits high’ could be represented in the Bounty rules set. New Worlds for Alternate Events AE-Crimson Kingdom The Serpent rises again in a land the sun has forgotten. The people of the Crimson Citadel must fend for themselves against these forgotten horrors after the death of the Master. Even the use of soul binding armor won’t stop the monsters infiltrating the citadel from stealing your blood to fuel their black rites. Crimson Kingdom is a tabletop miniatures game where players build parties of Orks from the plains, Humans from the outlands and the cities, Elves from the realms of Faery and Gobelyn, and other strange races to fight for survival and power in a world gone dark. The rules allow players to customize their party’s equipment, spells, abilities and more using Darkson Designs flexible points free system. Will your party join the service of a wealthy patron? Or will they campaign for their guild? Take care in choosing who you will fight for in the Citadel, because in a world gone dark it is even harder to see your enemy.