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Darkson announce new demo team program

Darkson Designs have announced a new volunteer demo team program. From their announcement:
Darkson Designs is looking for outgoing people who are interested in demoing our games to the public. We want volunteers who are wanting to make an impact in their gaming community. Darkson Designs is the maker of AE: WWII retro sci-fi and AE: Bounty sci-fi miniature games. As with most volunteer programs, there are perks and advantages to giving up your time for us- free minis, rules releases, sneak peaks, and more. If you are interested in becoming a Partisan, visit our website and follow the link along the top of our website labeled "Partisans" or contact partisan AT darksondesigns DOT com with the words "Partisan Application" in the subject line for more information. Bob Nolan Head Partisan Darkson Designs