Darkmook releases Survival Horror Set 5

Darkmook Paper Miniatures have released a new set of horror paper miniatures, Survival Horror Set 5: Occult Terrors.

Set 5 Horror Within.jpg

From their website:

Survival Horror Set 5: Occult Terrors The Horror Within is now available from RPGNow.

This 13 figure set contains 30mm character figures for Modern Horror gaming.:

  • 1 x Agent Walker
  • 1 x Agent Barlow
  • 1 x Agent Wood
  • 1 x Agent Maycock
  • 1 x Agent Barker
  • 1 x Bio-Demon Leader
  • 3 x Bio-Demon (Bloody)
  • 4 x Bio-Demon clean

The set also includes 1 page of Survival Horror Exterior Bases, 1 page of Survival Horror Interior Bases and full construction instructions.

The set was designed to expand the Survival Horror world beyond the zombies and survivors of previous sets, and spotlight the Eldritch Horrors invading the modern world and the Special Agents committed to defeating them!