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Darkmook Miniatures reveals new zombie game, will be at Thought Bubble 2013

Darkmook Paper Miniatures will be at Thought Bubble 2013. While there, they'll be unveiling their new zombie horror survival game.


From the announcement:

After many months of design, re-design, print tests and packaging, Darkmook Paper Miniatures are premiering the hard copies of two games at Thought Bubble 2013.
Launching at the convention will be ZOMBIE FIGHTER, the game of post apocalyptic gladiatorial combat, where man versus man and zombie in a bid to survive the arena and available for the first time will be the SURVIVAL HORROR TABLETOP GAME hard copy edition, a revamped and re-designed version of the popular print and play game! DARKMOOK PAPER MINIATURES will be at table 135 in New Dock Hall on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November. Full details of the weekends event can be found at the Thought Bubble website