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Darklands March pre-orders up

Mierce Miniatures is now taking pre-orders for their latest set of Darklands miniatures. They'll be sent out in March. There's a total of 8 new minis for you to check out.


From the announcement:

It's a glorious day for more releases from Darklands: First Edition, for this month we have thirteen - one for each kindred and six for the Fomoraic! This is the fifth set of releases from that project and we have some brilliant miniatures, including an infantry unit, to give you. Sadly, we've not been able to get them painted in time for release, but the miniatures themselves are fantastic as always.

For the Albainn: Domnech, a sorcerer, called a Sagart. For the Angelcynn: our very own Timoth, a smith. For the Brythoniaid, and Sell-Swords: Ieuan Longshore and his mastiff Taranau. Ieuan is is our first ancestor release. For the Byzantii: a sorcerer, a Magus Infernum, called Velchior. For the Fomoraic: a Gabrax unit called Baagath's Herd, both as a unit of five and five individual warriors. For the Khthones: Eikovra, a Sávrar host banner bearer. For the Norse: the mighty Rollo Iron Head, a smith. For the Ysians: it's Brugg, our lovely Death-Brute!