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Darklands January pre-orders up

Mierce Miniatures posted up their latest back of releases for Darklands. These minis will be released in January, but get in your pre-orders now. One thing you can't deny about Meierce is that they've got rather innovative ideas for minis and some rather unique sculpts. This time around there's such things as a lizard man, mammoth guy, and a sort of... mutant camel guy?... I'm not really sure what he is, but it looks cool.

Check out their latest releases and get your name on the list to be the first gamer on your block with them when they hit the shops.


From the release:

Eight more releases from Darklands: First Edition a few days into the new year, one for each kindred!

This is the fourth set of releases from that project and we have some absolute crackers this month. First up, for the Albainn, we have Itaina, an Umaer of Dun Durn for the Albainn; for the Angelcynn, Aldhelm, a Sceop or storyteller; for the Brythoniaid, the mighty Angedern, a Prifdyndraig; for the Byzantii, our first Dromedus or camel-man, Djiuzu; for the Fomoraic, the awesome Gaarwäg, our first Mammax or mammoth-man; for the Khthones we have Myrkranio, a sorcerer of the Sávrar; for the Norse, the runesmith Víthar, an Erilaz; and finally for the Ysians, Gondard of Karaez the Flesh-Drune and his Nithing, Ekk, have arrived.