Darklands: First Edition II Kickstarter launches

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 22nd, 2014

Mierce Miniatures has launched their Darklands: First Edition II Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive…

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  • andyp

    These guys do some fantastic looking minis. I backed both of the first two campaigns and have not been disappointed. Excellent products and customer communication.

  • going no were near it personally, lovely models but principles and morals prevent me otherwise

  • The_Minsk

    I have supported there last two kickstarters, and I can say the have been excellent. The quality of the models and casts are fantastic, and the level of custermer service is second to none.

    The first kickstarter ran a year ago and all my stuff has been delivered on time, the second one is having stuff sculpted and cast as we speak and also running on time.

    I would say if you are tempted jump on board, you have nothing to fear.

    • KelRiever

      Why does this sound like a total plug instead of an honest review? Maybe because it is so unbelievable in light of the history?

      Saying ‘nothing to fear’ is ridiculous for any Kickstarter. If anything, that alone is misleading.

      • The_Minsk

        It is up to you to belive me or not, I would say check out the mierce forums if you want, or dakkadakka, plenty of people love the company and the miniatures.

  • andyp

    Ok, I understand what some of you are saying, I experienced some of what you are referring to regarding past history. However I also know that nothing is ever black and white when it comes to what gets reported on the downfall of a company. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when you consider just how good that company was before it hit troubled times. I would guess that you probably use CMON regardless of the fact that they had a similar history with the old site ‘New Wave’. I have no problem with you making folks aware of what happened in the past so that they can make educated decisions but dont deride those that support the new ventures as, so far, everything promised has been delivered and any issues have been addressed professionally and efficiently. Their openness and honesty about potential problems and delays puts other kickstarters to shame. Yes you are right, no kickstarter is 100% risk free but from experience of the first two from Mierce, this is is close as it gets. Even down to to miniatures turning out to be as high a quality as advertised, unlike a few others that put out substandard products based on better quality representations. I hope people can get past old grudges and just give them a chance. I dont think they’ll be disappointed.

  • Kaine

    Having backed around 20 kickstarters now including the 2 previous Mierce ones i think people need to look at the history of the projects before jumping to conclusions. Unlike alot of Kickstarters they genuinely have delivered (which was what alot of people were scared off), and if you look at their interaction throughout the post project phase you’ll find they are considerably more engaged with the community then any other KS i’ve been part of.

    For example every Friday without fail we’ve been getting a large update on each of the two previous KS’s, with new concept art, sculpt progress and info about when pledges would be locked on the website and revert to full price.

    Apart from the Friday updates they have been very present on the KS comment threads.

    I can honestly say without a doubt the Mierce KS’s are the best run ones that “i’ve” experienced, i’m sure there are others out there with the same level of interaction but i’ve not participated in those, the other KS’s i’ve experienced have been plagued with lack of communication, massive shipping delays and more recently defective components, none of which i’ve experienced with Mierce.

    Some people might just say this is fanboy speak or even Mierce themselves posting, well its not, just read the comment and update history on their previous 2 KS’s and you’ll see i’m telling the truth.

    Yes some people will never back them because of the issues with Maelstrom, but the miniature range is stunning, they have some of the best sculptures on board, the only KS i’m looking forward to more is the arrival of my kingdom death KS.

  • Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    I’ll stick in my opinion on this too

    I backed KS1 (with some misgivings after Maelstrom),

    I got regular updates from a responsive project creator, sculpts from top line talent that really matched the concept art (which show the KS cash was being spent on makng minis),

    All the minis I pledged for (except for a few being sculpted) have been delivered, the cast quality has been excellent which make me a very happy backer

    I backed KS2 (no misgivings any more)

    I got regular updates from a responsive project creator, sculpts from top line talent that really matched the concept art,

    nothing has been delivered yet but it’s not due till the middle of the summer and the updates show everything is running on time

    I’m backing this KS as well as I really want some of the concepts shown to be made into minis

    I completely understand that some of you will not back this Mierce is owned and run by the same person as Maelstrom games, but it’s a sad fact of life that businesses fail.

    In this case Mierce (who had no legal obligation to do so) actually fulfilled outstanding maelstrom orders for the banelegions (now darklands) minis which I for one appreciate and was what gave me the confidence to back the first KS.

    Even if you said this only as ‘advertising’ or ‘damage limitation’ it clearly shows that a desire for Mierce to prosper

    So if you’re ‘on the fence’ please do take a look at the campaign as I do think it’s worth funding. Make up your own mind after you’ve seen the minis that could be made

  • skullking

    I also have contributed to both of their previous kickstarters, and have received everything from the first, and some of the second (I wasn’t expecting to have it all in yet, so this isn’t any thing I’m worried about). They have been very curtious and outgoing with all of us fans, and I think their figures and all accompanying artwork and story items are exceptional.

    I wasn’t aware of the issues which people were having with Maelstrom prior to the first kickstarter, I had ordered from them as well, and had no problems. When it started up, I read many of the same items which Major_Gilbear has listed, I took a chance, and that has paid off for me. But I understand people’s hesitation. The facts do remain, that they have proven to deliver on their first Kickstarter, and are doing well (based on their numerous and consistent updates) on their second.

    That’s just my 2ยข.

    You can also get their figures through another store if




  • Major_Gilbear

    Just because KS are delivered on time does not “prove” any trustworthiness – until it was run into the ground I’d had great service from Maelstrom up to that point.

    And, even if MM did fulfil any BL order from Maelstrom, it doesn’t change the increasingly desperate (and outright lying) emails that were sent out to customers in the two months between the surfacing of rumours and the obvious demise of Maelstrom.

    Personally, I don’t extend a second chance to people who cannot own up to their misdeeds and apologise, and there is no shortage of small companies who are waiting for (and deserve) a first chance.

    I think that the only vote that matters to companies -even miniatures companies- is the vote you cast with your wallet. They are not having my vote, and I strongly encourage others to consider who they want to support and what message they want to send to those whom they give money to.