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Darklands and Banelegions September Releases Posted

Technically speaking, these are the August/September releases for Darklands: First Edition, Darklands: First Edition II, and BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters. Sometimes things get delayed and end up late, so Mierce Miniatures decided to group the two month's releases together. Occasionally you get behind on things and you play a bit of catch-up. It happens to pretty much every company at some point.

As usual for releases form Mierce, I'm glad I don't have to say these names out loud when reporting them to you. Just typing them up can be pretty tough. For example, BaneLords has a new release named N'nhohbs'aak'chs the Tainted. ... Yup, I got nothing in terms of pronouncing that. You can check out all the new releases (and their oddly-spelled names) over on the Mierce site.