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Darkfast Dungeons Kickstarter Enters Final Day of Funding

Darkmook Paper Miniatures is in their final day over Kickstarter for their Darkfast Dungeons paper terrain. They've passed a lot of stretch goals along the way.

The Dark Depths


From the campaign:

Horizons are broadening with the Darkfast Dungeons Kickstarter Stretch Goals as the last day of funding winds up.

The Dave Graffam Dungeon Set has been unlocked and then there is a Treasure Trove of 100 game cards filled with new Treasure, Weapons, Magic Items, Events and Gear as suggested by backers. After that is Into The Wilds, an outdoorsy expansion set for the basic game.

But it doesn't end there: at the $12,000 mark things enter another dimension. The Outer Planes Supplement brings the basic game into Appendix N territory.